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reviews YOGABODY

YOGABODY reviews

- 3.25 din 4 reviews

Latest review: Now that I’ve received my aerial silks from YogaBody I’m super happy! It’s amazing and easy to setup and use. All of the free videos that demonstrate the basic moves are super helpful and downloadable ...

reviews reviews

- 3.00 din 3 reviews

Latest review: I have asthma and the drug dealers have made it almost impossible to buy ephedrine. I had to go to the doctor to get a prescription to buy something I used to buy at the store when I needed it. Thank ...

reviews Perfect Sculpt

Perfect Sculpt reviews

- 3.00 din 4 reviews

Latest review: I am totally hooked by this website. Shipping was also super fast. Their customer service was very helpful and nice. Will definitely recommend. ...

reviews Precor Home Fitness

Precor Home Fitness reviews

- 3.00 din 4 reviews

Latest review: Excellent fitness equipment, I've ordered from Precor Home Fitness several times already and everything was great. My orders came quickly, everything was carefully packaged. ...

reviews OOFOS

OOFOS reviews

- 3.00 din 3 reviews

Latest review: The points that I raised were listened to and evaluated in the best sense of great customer service. The result of my supplying the pertinent information that Oofus justifiably requested resulted in m ...

reviews Sculpt Nation

Sculpt Nation reviews

- 2.80 din 5 reviews

Latest review: I have always received what I paid for. I have never been charged multiple times. I don't understand these negative reviews. The workouts work for me. ...

reviews GRIPAD USA

GRIPAD USA reviews

- 2.67 din 3 reviews

Latest review: Small for fingers and if the product is called gripad,you think they would have some grip? These are slick and have zero grip. I should have stayed with the original.In fact I use my old worn out pair ...

reviews Yowza Fitness

Yowza Fitness reviews

- 2.60 din 5 reviews

Latest review: Customer service was non-existent in my experience. Couldn’t find parts needed for repair. The worst warranty and equipment. Stay away please, you will be doing yourself a big favor. ...

reviews Shop Orthopedics

Shop Orthopedics reviews

- 2.60 din 5 reviews

Latest review: I made remarkable changes using the manual provided. Very good manual and a helpful experienced online staff that got me going in the right direction, awesome team. ...

reviews Sole Fitness

Sole Fitness reviews

- 2.50 din 4 reviews

Latest review: Sole's reasonable price points for machines that are fairly close in quality to club equipment but priced much closer to home pricing is a very compelling value proposition for a certain kind of buyer ...

reviews RDX Sports

RDX Sports reviews

- 2.25 din 4 reviews

Latest review: I couldn’t be happier with the shopping experience besides the initial wait time. The product was very high quality though. I highly recommend buying your sports equipment from this company. They do ...

reviews WaterRower

WaterRower reviews

- 2.25 din 4 reviews

Latest review: Again the shipping date got pushed back. If they hadn’t already taken my money I’d cancel my order and get something else. I will NEVER recommend them to anyone. ...

reviews NutraBio

NutraBio reviews

- 2.00 din 6 reviews

Latest review: I never even got an email saying it shipped. No matter how good a product is , good customer service goes a long way. Won't recommend this company to anyone. ...

reviews BOSU

BOSU reviews

- 1.75 din 4 reviews

Latest review: I contacted to customer service, but all the sudden I can not communicate with the person when I decided to return the bosu. I am not happy with their customer service for this company. ...

reviews JumpSport

JumpSport reviews

- 1.75 din 4 reviews

Latest review: Apparently I am out of warranty even though I have barely used this product. They are sending me another "fix". I have little hope. the customer first mentality and correctly admittedly bad products f ...

reviews We Sell Mats

We Sell Mats reviews

- 1.75 din 4 reviews

Latest review: Got them shipped faster then expected. Pretty easy to cut to fit and they stay together nicely. In the end the floors look great and are easy to clean with just a broom. ...

reviews reviews

- 1.67 din 6 reviews

Latest review: For some reason they blamed low staff and too many order fulfillment’s for being the reason I was heavily neglected. Five days after I placed my order, having not heard anything other than the fact th ...

reviews Rep Fitness

Rep Fitness reviews

- 1.40 din 5 reviews

Latest review: They are unclear on their website and then lie about what it originally said. They went in and changed what they wrote on their website regarding the description of a product and then claimed that it ...

reviews  TheMirrorCompany.Com

TheMirrorCompany.Com reviews

- 1.33 din 3 reviews

Latest review: I don't like that gap from the mirror to the ceiling including that frame on both. I finally went to put my curtains back up, couldn't find the hook to put the rod on, there's the mirror was put on t ...

reviews BWSS Fit

BWSS Fit reviews

- 1.25 din 4 reviews

Latest review: I have received no response. They charged me but have not shipped anything. Normally, you aren't charged until they are ready to ship your product. The site states that you cancel your order until th ...

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