Reviews Money Transfer Service

reviews Amscot

Amscot reviews

- 2.33 din 3 reviews

Latest review: When I went the shop, there was no staff to help me and I had to wait 15 minutes, such a long time to deal with a customer. Gave me a bad impression… Don’t like the experience! ...

reviews Tremendous

Tremendous reviews

- 3.40 din 5 reviews

Latest review: Not happy with the way is customer service because of the gift cards. It is delayed, and the support of the customer service it is really bad!!! Bad experience!!! ...

reviews Ria Money Transfer

Ria Money Transfer reviews

- 3.00 din 3 reviews

Latest review: Not decided if i will use again. Its transfers can have low fees, but its exchange rates aren’t the best you can find among online providers.maybe I will try another one to see the difference… ...

reviews Pangea Money Transfer

Pangea Money Transfer reviews

- 2.33 din 3 reviews

Latest review: Worst Worst Worst! Terrible experience that I had with Pangea when I tried to cancel my transaction. They said already is done and they cannot help me with anything.I expected to find a way to help me ...

reviews Sharemoney

Sharemoney reviews

- 2.25 din 4 reviews

Latest review: It is quite difficult to send money to your family and if you need to send some money urgent, it will take a long time from the other side to receive the money. They find the excuse that the process f ...

reviews Cashaisle

Cashaisle reviews

- 1.67 din 3 reviews

Latest review: Scam Scam!! My wife got a loan for this particular firm. It was the worst mistake. He received a loan for $500 like they stated it would it arrived quick. The error was having to pay $2,100 back to g ...

reviews Melio

Melio reviews

- 1.50 din 2 reviews

Latest review: No matter the date you choose they are late processing and will make you late on due dates. ...

reviews EZ Money

EZ Money reviews

- 1.00 din 2 reviews

Latest review: EZ Money is basically an internet marketing training program.You can get low-quality tools to use this. The promoting techniques almost guarantee you to fail! Don’t want to hear about Ez Money in fut ...

reviews Skrill Money Transfer

Skrill Money Transfer reviews

- 2.33 din 3 reviews

Latest review: Money wasted. I check your account with your bank card and card, after which I close your account. I'm sorry I used your services. ...

reviews InterCambio Express

InterCambio Express reviews

- 2.60 din 5 reviews

Latest review: You have to be careful and make sure the information is right due to if there is an error you're probably not going to get that money back or get it fixed/corrected. I did a test with a small dollar a ...

reviews MoneyGram U.S.

MoneyGram U.S. reviews

- 3.25 din 4 reviews

Latest review: Easy to use in few steps, enjoying it very much. I use Moneygram frequently, an service has been excellent, reliable, and reasonably priced. ...

reviews Covercy

Covercy reviews

- 3.00 din 4 reviews

Latest review: transferred the funds immediately, got a call today after 3 days that rates have changed, and now I can choose to lose money or to get my money back into my bank account and forfeit the transfer, this ...

reviews Western Union

Western Union reviews

- 3.25 din 4 reviews

Latest review: The transfer was declined but the money was withdrawn from my account, with the information that it will be returned to me within some 5 to 7 working days. WU customer service is awful. I was hung up ...

reviews Xoom

Xoom reviews

- 2.25 din 4 reviews

Latest review: It's been 7 days since they said my pay was being transferred from employer. No tracking updates, no communication to employer on status. And worst of all their customer service is 3rd party India ca ...

reviews Sendwave

Sendwave reviews

- 2.75 din 4 reviews

Latest review: I’m very satisfied. I’m so grateful for SendWave! Makes life so much easy. Fastest way to send money to friends and love ones in Africa. ...

reviews uLink Money Transfer

uLink Money Transfer reviews

- 2.40 din 5 reviews

Latest review: If I could give zero or no star I would. Horrible customer service and lack of consideration. They don't let you know that sometimes they need to further review information but they sure enough charge ...

reviews Flywire

Flywire reviews

- 2.25 din 4 reviews

Latest review: You can use this software to make payment to you oversee university from your home country without any hassle.It provides a different option by which you can use to make payments! It is great when eve ...

reviews Capitex

Capitex reviews

- 2.00 din 3 reviews

Latest review: Any issues I have I can call easily and talk to the same person every time. Rates are competitive. I made several transactions with Capitex and found their online portal so convenient and easy to us ...

reviews BitRemesas

BitRemesas reviews

- 2.67 din 3 reviews

Latest review: Your website is a scam , you are a communists supporter . I will not give you a single penny of my hard work earning money. You support communism. ...

reviews Lebara Money Transfer

Lebara Money Transfer reviews

- 2.62 din 8 reviews

Latest review: Is an excellent service that Lebara wants to implement. I have used it a few times and I am very satisfied. ...

reviews Venstar Exchange

Venstar Exchange reviews

- 3.00 din 6 reviews

Latest review: I transferred some money from UK and I received after 4 day in my bank account. I was afraid I will lose my money. In the future I don’t want to use it anymore… ...

reviews Intermex

Intermex reviews

- 3.20 din 5 reviews

Latest review: Very efficient and so easy to use , once you’re set up. And also the exchange rate is always the cheapest and best at Intermex. Pricing is so much better than banks. ...

reviews Payoneer

Payoneer reviews

- 2.50 din 6 reviews

Latest review: When it comes to using the money that's where it gets rough. First they won't let you request a card unless you receive money from a registered business, and if you want to withdraw it takes up to 5 ...

reviews Remitly

Remitly reviews

- 2.00 din 7 reviews

Latest review: Money was transferred promptly and securely. I would definitely use their services again in future and happy to recommend my friends to use Remitly for transfering money as it was very easy and stres ...

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