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reviews Vonage

Vonage reviews

- 2.50 din 6 reviews

Latest review: They only accept auto pay. I don't do auto pay. Ever. Anywhere. Sorry but if Vonage is paid and everyone else and then I go to write a check for rent, it looks really BAD when my rent check bounces. N ...

reviews Yahoo

Yahoo reviews

- 3.60 din 5 reviews

Latest review: I signed up my first email with them. I've never had a problem with Yahoo. it is so convenient and is ready on the go whether you need to check your order confirmation or verify something. Easy. Profe ...

reviews SPOT

SPOT reviews

- 2.25 din 4 reviews

Latest review: I am amazed at the amount of negative reviews on Spot as I have not have issues with customer service, payment, texting, tracking, custom messages, etc. Unit has performed above expectations but yes, ...

reviews Callingmart

Callingmart reviews

- 3.00 din 4 reviews

Latest review: I highly recommend callingmart. The prices are cheaper and if you use the promo code at checkout, you save even more money. Is the easiest way to get minutes for my phone. I love the point discounts ...

reviews Skype

Skype reviews

- 2.60 din 5 reviews

Latest review: It is my favorite!! Whatever else I have tried, there just is no replacement for good old Skype, I hope they stay around for a long long time and continue providing us with good quality system for our ...

reviews Tel3

Tel3 reviews

- 2.60 din 5 reviews

Latest review: Over the last few years, I call international weekly and I have never had a dropped call, capacity overload or bad reception. I am extremely happy with Tel3. ...

reviews Verizon

Verizon reviews

- 2.75 din 4 reviews

Latest review: Fast and great customer service. Prices are great compared to Spectrum. High speed internet. Installation was done quickly, neatly done. Calling to switch to Fios was very easy. Very satisfied! ...

reviews Rise Broadband

Rise Broadband reviews

- 2.40 din 5 reviews

Latest review: Was very professional very helpful install, my system smoothly effectively got good signal couldn’t of asked for better service thanks Rise Broadband ...

reviews Deepbrid

Deepbrid reviews

- 3.25 din 4 reviews

Latest review: At the moment everything is working pretty good, no complaints. Maybe sometimes the speeds could be better... ...

reviews Line2

Line2 reviews

- 2.00 din 4 reviews

Latest review: I've been using it since pandemic began, and working from home became necessary. Great service and quality connection. ...

reviews Cloudflare

Cloudflare reviews

- 2.00 din 4 reviews

Latest review: Is really fast and optimizes our site to visitors around the globe. Cloudflare helped me a lot with protecting my sites and even my friends sites!!! ...

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